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Since 2011, CLS has been working on an operational service using optical and radar satellite sensors to detect sargassum and predict their drift. In 2018, with the backing of the European Space Agency, CLS and its partners worked with a group of 40+ local users to design and validate the service that is today known as SAMtool. CLS will attend Sarg’Expo, the first international trade show on sargassum seaweed management technologies, to be held in Guadeloupe, from October 24th to 26th.  Please stop by Booth #T5 to learn more about our offer!

Nearly 10 years ago, CLS began working on an operational solution to the sargassum problem using optical and radar satellite sensors to detect sargassum and predict their drift. As the crisis has deepened in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico, CLS has perfected its technology and is now able to provide an operational service backed up with analysts based on a unique combination of Earth Observation satellite data from 6 optical instruments and 2 synthetic aperture radar (SAR) instruments, to see through cloud cover and at night.

SAMtool, sargassum detection & monitoring across the entire Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico…

CLS’s web interface, called SAMtool, is also able to forecast sargassum drift on a regional scale.

SAMtool provides 5-day forecasts of sargassum drift using CLS’s numerical drift model as well as access to satellite-based sargassum detection products, and weather & oceanographic conditions. An export function makes it possible to create PDF situation bulletins.

CLS’s sargassum detection and monitoring tool, SAMTool, is a scalable solution that is available through a secure web portal, without any local software installation. The screenshot on the left represents daily sargassum detections. On the right, yellow, black and red dots represent probable drift locations of Sargassum mats up to five days ahead.

A key planning and mitigation tool

The 2019 season was one of the worst on record for the Caribbean, in terms of sargassum stranding. Reliable operational forecasts will contribute greatly to mitigation efforts and support innovative clean-up efforts on a regional scale.

SAMtool will be presented at Sarg’Expo, on Booth #T5. CLS partners NovaBlue Environment and I-SEA will also attend the event on the CLS booth.