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Climate change

Countries face serious challenges in coastal areas and flooding can lead to dramatic damages and financial losses. CLS provides reliable and site-specific data that enable governments and industries to develop resilient and efficient strategies for adaptation to climate change. The mean sea level has been constantly rising since 1992.

Marine resources

Over the past 20 years, humans have changed ecosystems more rapidly and extensively than in any comparable period of time in human history. Our maritime ecosystems are under pressure and CLS provides ecosystem-based approach with Seapodym model to solve ecological and environmental challenges worldwide includes sustainable management of marine resources, conservation programs.

Protecting and preserving the biodiversity of ocean ecosystems require access to a broad range of data knowledge about the marine environment. CLS provides services, tools and data to enhance understanding of the challenges involved.


CLS provides knowledge and advanced technology for making decisions that are both feasible and sustainable. We provide data and services to ensure optimised and secured water production. We work with our clients and stakeholders to appreciate the water management issues that may affect their project outcomes.


Despite their CO2 footprint, hydrocarbon sources will continue to remain important contributors to global energy production. However, renewable energy will need to develop concomitantly to meet the world demand sustainably. CLS provides data and package solutions for the energy sector based on advanced technologies related to field monitoring, remote sensing, modelling and customised software development.

Maritime security

CLS provides technical solutions for ship management and sea safety by detecting icebergs using altimetry and providing adventurers in extreme situations with information about weather and sea conditions.


The knowledge of the sea state in areas inaccessible by humans is now possible. Metocean data are essential to anticipate and identify fishing areas with ideal oceanographic conditions for the presence of fish, allowing, in addition, to reduce environmental impacts, delays and costs associated with navigation.


Since 2011, huge sargassum mass strandings have occurred in the wider Caribbean region threatening marine life, affecting human health, impacting tourism and proving to be a costly nuisance for fishing & aquaculture. CLS Sargassum monitoring and detection service is designed to help local actors manage this situation, by providing additional information for planning and decision-making based on Earth Observation (EO) data and drift modelling techniques.



SEEWATER is a state-of-the-art web portal to display and download daily, fine-scale information about the physical ocean – capitalizing on CLS oceanographic expertise.

Littoscope: Coastal Resilience

coastal resilience

To face the possibility of coastal flooding confidently and prepare the coastal territories, CLS and its partners developped the solution LITTOSCOPE in 2021.